Technology and Appliances

Air Purifiers

HEPAPhotocatalytic Oxidation (PCO)

InovaAir (HEPA + Carbon)

IQAir (HEPA + Carbon)

Blueair (HEPA + Carbon)

Homedics (HEPA only)

Air Oasis
1300 79 11 39

Reviews: Air Purifier Power, Amazon

Dehumidifiers and Vacuums

DehumidifiersHEPA Vacuums
See the Choice review (June 2016) for recommended dehumidifiers.
See the Choice review (April 2016) for vacuum reviews (look for replaceable, rather than washable, HEPA).

Suggested brands: PacVac, Miele, Dyson.

Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Australian Distributed

Ventilation Systems

Fresh VHC

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