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Welcome all and sundry to the Toxic Mould Support Australia website. We hope to provide information for people suffering from biotoxin associated illness – chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) due to water damaged buildings (WDB), chronic Lyme disease, ciguatera and others. The site has been born from the facebook group of the same name which has been in existence for two years. This site is meant to be an adjunct to the facebook group allowing for longer form articles, news posts and it will be the permanent home for the FAQ and Resources.

Although the concept of chronic inflammatory response syndrome and the work of Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker is still in its infancy in Australia we hope to create awareness for and educate the general public, health professionals and those involved in the building side of mould illness.

Cheers, Caleb

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Toxic Mould Support Australia

  1. Hi, I don’t go on Facebook so am looking for advice here.
    I have been ill with Me/CFS for over ten years and have now been diagnosed with CIRS and am on the Shoemaker protocol. Unfortunately I have had to move three times since the CIRS diagnosis because of mould.
    I am currently living on the South Coast of Sydney and have to move yet again because of mould resulting from recent storm damage to the property I am renting.
    Any advice or suggestions as to where I can go to live mould free so I can have the opportunity for the protocol to work would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Cath

      I definitely can empathise with having ME/CFS for such a long duration.

      Your question is one everyone with CIRS wrestles with as removal from exposure is the first step on Dr. Shoemaker’s protocol. It also seems to be the most difficult step due to the endemic water damage to our buildings.

      Renting is particularly difficult. Obviously a visual inspection that looks for water damage is your first option but ideally you need to be unmasked to mould (have an immediate reaction to mould) and ask to spend a night in the house to see what you reaction is like. When ERMI testing becomes available in Australia it will hopefully be possible to get a quick turnaround on a HERTSMI-2 test to screen a rental.

      Some mould avoiders avoid buildings all together and camp or use converted cargo trailers. Read A beginners guide to mold avoidance and Erik on avoidance (see Books, blogs and other media for links) for details on unmasking, extreme mould avoidance and modification of cargo trailers.

      All the best, Caleb

  2. Thanks for you reply Caleb,
    It is now 3 months later and I have moved another two times because of mould.
    My latest move was an interstate one. Since arriving at my current place, just before Christmas, I have deteriorated badly.
    I have started afresh so many times I am losing heart. I arrived here with no furniture and very little of anything else and am sleeping on an air bed.
    I can’t seem to get past the BEG spray part of the Shoemaker protocol. This is my third round of 2 month sprays. My Dr had a BER spray compounded this time based on my nasal swab results. I have had nasal swabs sent to the USA three times now and will be needing another one when this round is finished.
    Does anyone know if anyone else had to have the nasal sprays multiple times?
    I’m feeling quite desperate…I don’t go on Facebook.

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